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 Larrana/Randal the Swift

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PostSubject: Larrana/Randal the Swift   Larrana/Randal the Swift Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 2:58 pm

Larrana/Randal the Swift Th_outofcontroll75456Larrana/Randal the Swift Th_OUTOFCONTROLcopy
Character Name: Larrana (la-ra-nah), sometimes goes by Randal the Swift
Race/ Species: Half desert elf
Gender: female
Age: 125 (looks in her 20's)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: red-brown
Skin Color: Tan but not Mexican dark
Scars or Birthmarks: a scar across her left eye, one down her left shoulder, three scratch marks on her right thigh
Biography: Not proud of her half elf side, she keeps her pointed ears hidden and uses her life of thievery as an excuse for why she moves so fluidly. She lead a bandit group for a long time, until they cough a plague and died a violent death with her looking on and holding them in her lap. To them she was Larrana but to everyone they spoke to she was Randal the Swift and his pack of foxes. She had considered many of them brothers and since then hasn't lead another group. She moved on and did some lone wolf work, mostly assassinations and property retrieval.
She hates milk but loves to drink. She relaxes when she does and becomes either very sad or very excited and willing to have more fun and do stupid things. Its said she even thinks better with a bit of Moon Rum in her.
She hates loud people who have to talk to feel good about themselves. She doesn't like children and has been known to kill them when they get in her way. She is paranoid and sleeps with her knife in her hand. She can't swim or dance or sing or stand still for to long.
Equipment: poisoned dagger, magic stone, lots of small knives
Skills: mixed martial arts, she can play the violin but she would never tell anyone, she has very nice ambush tactics

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Larrana/Randal the Swift
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