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Character sheet

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PostSubject: .~Raksha~.   .~Raksha~. Icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2012 5:53 am

.~Raksha~. Raksha-1Bear with me. I have to work on her a lot. I made her when I was 12. xD
Character Name: Raksha
Race/ Species: Anthro polarbear/dog .. thing
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: Tall. Her shoulders go to the tops of door frames.
Weight: LOLOHGOD. ill get to this later. Shes well built. Doesnt look feminine at all.
Fur Color: white
Eye Color: She has none. Like literally. They're gouged out.
Skin Color: black
Scars or Birthmarks: A LOT. A lot of scars. Like a lot. All over the place.
Attire/ref image: (What your character's wears most of the time) She doesnt wear anything except her blind fold. She has fur, why would she need clothes? Razz The picture is of her standing next to someone Mordacai's height.
Biography: (A short history if you can): She lived on her own in the wild most of her life. Sold into slavery. She mostly does heavy lifting, fighting, and is muscle for when her owner wants someone dead.
Personality: (How do they act, do they have any habits, things like that.): She doesnt talk unless it seems necessary. When she does talk her accent is almost something similar to russian. She keeps to herself. Shes the type of person that sits in the corner and cleans her claws with a dagger until needed. Shell talk when she feels she needs to or it would be a good time, however. She has zero empathy, and it gets her in a lot of trouble sometimes. (example: if your mother just got killed in front of you and you started crying, she would get frustrated at you and tell you to" shut up, shes dead now and that theres nothing you can do about it so grow a pair". One of those types )
Equipment: (if this is a combat RP): her brute strength and a big ass sword. Sword
its powered on magic. It has a motor thats loud like a Harley motorcycle inside, and what the sword does is that when it kills people it gains energy, which is transferred to Raksha as a healer, and as an amplifier for her sword.
She can see through vibrations, and her hearing is very good. (think toph from avatar, if you dont understand. I flipped my shit when that character was introduced. xD ) Shes not all that bright, but shes a good fighter and she hates laziness and excuses.

.~Raksha~. Mordacaiwipsig-1
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