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Character sheet

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PostSubject: GallowRun    GallowRun    Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 6:07 am

This character is currently in these RP's:


Name: GallowRun (real name unknown)
Gender: male
Age: mid to late 20's
Alignment: chaotic neutral (but slides mostly to evil)
Appearance: he is a handsome man, about 5'11", thin and lightly muscled with light brown and blonde streaked hair. He always has stubble on his jaw no matter how much he shaves. He also has a bit of a irish accent. (XD)

Family: unkown
Enemies: unkown (but most likley everyone cause he has most likley did atleast one bad thing to everyone or atleast somthing that effects everyone.)

History/personality: he is a wanted crimminal for various crimes and offenses. He has a nack of being able to hide in places or inviroments most other people or creatures wouldn't go. He is resourceful and is constantly analyzing everything around him to exploit or another escape route. His loves are anything having to do with sex, alcohol and more or less anything shiny or valuable. He also has a irritaional hatred of all children no matter the race or species (that means he hates puppies too) anything under the age of 15 he wants to immediatly kill or maim (that's probably one of his most prevolent crimes).

Equipment:he usually wears dark studded leather armor with multiple concealed pockets to hide his various illigal contraband and what not. He also has a weird fetish for belts and always wears atleast three around his waist and various others around his extrematies. He also wears a thick black cloak for his constant traveling.
Weapons: he has a fine made silver longsword and muliple daggers concealed on his person.

That's about. It for now

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