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 Kastri Star

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PostSubject: Kastri Star   Kastri Star Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 12:10 pm

Name: Kastri Star
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 17, but just over a hundred, still young by standards.
Race: Elf
Status: Single
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Uses what little control over magic she has to appear human. Lightly tanned, blue-green eyes, 6"1 with medium, curvy build. Has medium length blond hair with spiky bangs. Clothing tends to be in neutral colors or greens, with a preference to jeans.

Family: None of importance (so far?)

Enemies: None (so far)

Personality/quirks: She's a go with the flow, happy-go-lucky type who encourages optimism and brighter side of things thinking. Also, hates archery.

History/extra info: Nothing, as of yet

Weapons: She has a minimal control over magic, able to barely conjure up the most basic of things, but on occasion can unlock deeper potential. Does not happen often, and only carries around two small daggers, one hidden at the hip, the other on her ankle.
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Kastri Star
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