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 Twilight falls.....and a new Shifter rises

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Twilight falls.....and a new Shifter rises Empty
PostSubject: Twilight falls.....and a new Shifter rises   Twilight falls.....and a new Shifter rises Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 11:56 am

Anyone can join. Traya White Wolf is trying to usurp her father so she can be the new Alpha of her Castleden pack of the Durinback Mountains. I would prefer your characters to be shifters or friends of shifters. They should fit into the story, please. Otherwise try not to doom poor Traya too much. Thanks.

Twilight falls and a new Shifter rises. Traya Castleden padded silently along the forest path. Her white fur glistened in the silver half-light. Her father had sent a hunting party out to scout the Wormridden, a minor rival pack of shifters, territory he'd seized earlier that day. She'd been avoiding the Alpha, her father, for the last few days. But there was only so much hiding the Beta could do.
Traya looked around her in the darkening brush to see if she was as alone as she thought, when a sudden crack behind her made her turn around.
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Twilight falls.....and a new Shifter rises
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