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 Traya the White Wolf

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PostSubject: Traya the White Wolf   Traya the White Wolf Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 11:37 am

This character is in these roleplays;http://wereden.forumotion.com/t44-twilight-fallsand-a-new-shifter-rises

Name; Traya "White Wolf" Castleden of the Durinback Mountains....or just Traya {Or White Wolf-take your pick}for short.
Gender; Female
Age;appears to be in her early twenties
Race; Shifter {And not the annoying ones from Twilight!}
Status; Beta of her Father's pack-soon to be Alpha
Appearance; In her human Form, Traya is a white-haired beauty with golden yellow eyes. Her skin is slightly tan from long days/and nights/ spent in the sun. She wears leather armor, lined with white fur, under a thick and heavy matching white fur cloak.
In her wolf form, Traya is a pretty white wolf with yellow eyes.
Family; Her pack is her family. But lately, she's grown irritated with her father's way of running things and decides to usurp him for control of the pack.
Enemies; rival clan of wormridden but otherwise none of real note. Wormridden is a secondary concern to her father's "Tyranny."
Personality/quirks; she is what she is. She won't change to suit anyone else. Like her or don't. That's her view of things.
When she's nervous, and in her human form, she'll whimper softly under her breath.
History/extra Info; Shifters are the descendants of Lycanthropes and humans. They contain two parts of their anceestors-the beast {wolf usually} and the human. Whereas Lycanthropes can manage toblend the two seamlessly {forming the werewolves we all know and love} shifters are only able to go to one extreme or the other in appearance and-on some level-menatilty. Shifters don not act like rapid wolves and werewolves, hungering and killing whatever meat they can find. They maintain human thought-albeit somewhat simplified-and emotions during their two phases of shiftings. Once a year, all the known "packs" of shifters gather to perform a ritual celebration that is said to rejuvenate them all. Traya's favorite part of all this backhistory of her race is the fact that it's true and her pack hosts the ritual every year
Weapons; She carries two finely-made elven daggers in her boots but prefers to fight in her wolf form. The daggers were a gift from an elven friend.
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Traya the White Wolf
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