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 Mordacai Ridgway

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PostSubject: Mordacai Ridgway   Mordacai Ridgway Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 10:33 am

Mordacai Ridgway Mordacaiwip
Character Name: Mordacai Ridgway
Race/ Species: Jaebrin/demon
Gender: Male
Age: Old. Appears 25 or so
Height: 6'3"
Weight:...190-200? He has a "swimmers body". Hes fit, but slender.
Hair Color: Dark brown. Appears black until the sun hits it and shows that its not a true black
Eye Color: The whites of his eyes are black and the iris is a hazel/gold/green mixture. The gold dominates the color scheme, however.
Skin Color: He's an average white tone. Not tan, but not obnoxiously pale.
Scars or Birthmarks: He has some scars here and there. Nothing relevant or anything someone would notice. And the majority of them are in easily concealed places (i.e. torso, shoulders, etc. Places people usually get hit during fights). Though since I cant find anywhere else to put it, I should mention that he has long, slender, sharp teeth.
Attire/ref image: Armor color (This ones the color scheme of his outfit if hes wearing the top shirt part. Ill update that when I've finished it. The one to the left is to get a better picture of how he looks. Usually though, he'll have his hood up.) What he wears is made of cloth and metal. Specifically mithril forged black and gold. So it's light but strong, and its conductivity doesn't effect his magic like other metals would.
Personality: His life and actions are extremely focused around sex, and whatever else he finds amusing or pleasurable. He is extremely arrogant, even if he were to genuinely like you, (which is an accomplishment if you pull that off) he'll still be arrogant to you. He never shows gratitude, he's selfish, blunt, and rude. He adjusts himself often, he puts the blames on others, runs his hands through his hair if hes put in an awkward situation or if he feels uncomfortable, hes always frowning or smirking (its just how his face relaxes. you probably wont see him with a completely relaxed face unless hes asleep, or depending on what it is hes thinking about) He's intelligent, his strongest trait is that hes very charismatic(You know when you hate someone for things they've done or other related things, but you cant help but get along with them when they talk? He probably makes people feel that way a lot) He hates humanity. Not just humans per say, but anything that's bipedal and can talk, He is really quite weapon retarded (I mean. really. He would use a bow as a bat if handed one. He never bothered to pay attention to weapons. he can get creative with them when it comes to torture though. ) Animals don't get along with Mordacai at all either. It's very rare that an animal wont feel uneasy around him. (So riding horses is usually out of the question) He doesn't like taking his armor off.He'll only take it off when bathing, and will sleep with it on as a precaution. This same paranoia is why he has to sleep sitting up. He has almost no morals. Raping and killing is something he does regularly (Age doesn't matter to him, and neither does how the person is related to him), Hes good at putting on an act to get what he wants. If Mordacai ever does something "good" it's only because it was the best way to benefit himself in that situation.
Equipment: His gauntlets have claws, along with short blades on the top of the forearm of those same gauntlets. Other than that he depends on his magic and his knowledge of something similar to aikido to help him get out of tight situations.
Skills: controls fire, ice(hardly uses this though. He hates the cold and everything related to cold), and electricity from his hands. Limited psychological influence/hypnotize on others. He can walk up 90 degree angles along with ceilings. Has limited knowledge in an aikido-like martial art. He has a bottomless stomach since hes a jaebrin(which is also almost a curse. Mordacai always feels hungry. No mater how much he eats, he cant get full. This is also why he has to drink a very large amount of alcohol for it to have effect on him), Seduction/charisma, and he can do criming (Heres a criming example if youre curious. It's a type of dance xDD. It was more of a joke but wound up sticking to the character ) He's tolerant of pain, but he'll still avoid it as much as he can( his blood clots fast and well. That's the extent of any healing powers he has). And of course, there's a limit to that tolerance. He can dislocate his jaw and he has a crease that goes from the corner of his lips that allows him to open his mouth wide when he does that Mordacai Ridgway Mordanat
Other: He has a monster in him thats his manifestation of his rage/hate and it can be a problem when he gets angry. its cat like, and the faces on its tails are that of his parents. It speaks in a different language that Mordacai understadns and it makes a ticking noise (imagine Predator) Mordacai Ridgway Untitled-1-3

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Mordacai Ridgway
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