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 Evalon Maidlee

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PostSubject: Evalon Maidlee   Evalon Maidlee Icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 5:21 pm

This character is currently in these RPs:


Name; Evalon "Night-Stalker" Maidlee
Gender; Female
age;180 but appears in her early twenties {If she was human she'd be 18}
Race; Eladrin
Alignment; Chaotic Neutral
Appearance; She is full-figured but is kind of slender. She's a thief. She carries a knife or two in her boots. She has long black hair. Her eyes blue and pupiless, Her ears are tapered, like an elf's. Her skin is blue.
Family; Negillble.
Enemies; none of note
Personality; She acts...well....for lack of a better word-pervy. Runs into Fey...alot
History/extra info; is a thief.
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Evalon Maidlee
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