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 Fey Dur "The Charismatic Demon Man"

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Fey Dur "The Charismatic Demon Man"   Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:33 am

Name: Fey Dur

Gender: Male

Race: Tiefling

Age: 20

Alignment: chaotic neutral

Description: brick colored skin black hair with a purple tint has a goatee with a small scar running through it.
He has a tail and solid black eyes with no pupils is 6' 5" He's bulky and strong and has horns on his head.
When disguised as a human he looks like himself but with tan skin solid black hair and blue eyes. Wears a black
leather jacket with a solid black t-shirt, combat boots, and jeans. He carries a throwing dagger hidden in his boot,
a colt .45 and has a shotgun on his motorcycle a triumph thruxton. He will usually be found somewhere near Evalon. As he is demon related he is immune to fire. He loves to steal has a silver tongue and is considered an artist with a lockpick

Personality: Doesn't trust very many people and is a major flirt to anything in a skirt can be cockey at times likes to drink and party gets bored very easy.
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Fey Dur "The Charismatic Demon Man"
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