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 (example/starter RP)

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(example/starter RP) Empty
PostSubject: (example/starter RP)   (example/starter RP) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 12:16 pm

You guys can start your rps under the rp room just start a topic put down your rp starter post and rules and have fun ( and ofcourse follow all the rules)

Anyway its easy to start a rp just write down some basic starter info and just wait while people line up to join your rp.

All the info you need to post is:

The rp rules. (Who can join, what type of plot if any, the added ristrictions and other such things the rp leader deems to mention)

The scenery/characters and story intro. (Pretty much your first RP post that sets the tone the character your playing and ofcourse the place)

Easy right? Well go have fun.

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(example/starter RP)
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