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 RP Area Rules

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Admin Rovaine

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Character sheet

PostSubject: RP Area Rules   Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:46 pm

These are the rules for RolePlaying on this forum

1. NO god mod-ing (my character is imortal, you cant kill my character, etc...).

2. I am the only technical imortal in this forum, don't ask to be a god/ moderator/admin whatever.

3. You can have as many characters as you want just dont take over the posting space wih your character info.

4. Dont try to kill some one unless you have their permission to kill there character, otherwise it doesnt count.

5. You can be any race or creature you want.

6. Only make a clan, pack, gruop, etc..... in the Clan Area dont avertize enywere else.

7. Follow the Forum Rules along with these Rules.

8. For ooc (out of character) during a roleplay write it in --> ( )

9. If your going to rp put the character you are using in the rp characters section.

10. Make sure you post a link to all the rps that your character is in at the top of your character sheet.

Ok thats all the rules for now.

- Thank you

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RP Area Rules
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